Excuse me Mr. God,

May I have a new heart please?

I’m afraid this one is rather bruised and battered…it may even be broken…it certainly doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Oh!…Oh! I didn’t realise that. I didn’t realise that I could only have one, that it was irreplaceable.

I would have treated it better. You know, looked after it more If I had realised that it was the only one I was going to get.

Can I really not have another one?

So many, many people have trampled over this one…and I…and I have got it so dirty so, so many, many times.

I don’t think it will last much longer.

Please help me, Mr. God.


I can have your heart?

How will that work?

You will join our hearts together? Your heart is sufficient for both of us?

I see.
But..phew… it will mean that I cannot keep mine to myself anymore.
I know that it’s not very good, but it is my heart.

I see.
There is no other choice.

My broken, battered, dirty, dying heart, alone,
Your eternal heart, together.


Thank you. I would like to accept your offer.

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