Fresh Approaches to Understanding Baptism


  • The Old Testament
  • The Intertestamental Period
  • The Greek Background
  • John the Baptist
  • The Relationship Between Baptism in Water and Holy Spirit

There have been thousands of books and booklets written on the subject of water baptism. By far the majority of those I have read, concentrate on promoting or defending a particular way of doing it. Very few have sought to investigate or explain the meaning of the act itself, or to set it in the context of other baptismal practices familiar to those who lived at the time of the birth of the Church.

Although very brief, this booklet covers several aspects of the subject only occasionally dealt with in other books.

The aim of this booklet is to set the ground and whet the appetite for further study. It is hoped that it will be of interest to a wide range of readers who maintain an openness about the subject, and who have not yet settled on any particular denominational line, whatever shape or form that might take.

Published by the Unboring Book Company Northampton, England. Copyright Joe Story 2019


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