Great Aspirations


Some thoughts and suggestions to help us become better Christian writers


“If we write, we are likely to have a genuine desire to be good at it, but that will not happen simply by wishing for it”

Great Aspirations is a basic introduction to writing as a Christian. It will help us to understand whether we should understand ourselves as a writer who also happens to be a Christian or a Christian writer. It shows us how to evaluate our writing abilities, and then how to improve them by undertaking writing exercises aimed at breaking bad habits and forming good ones. It also includes some tips on how to ‘show not tell’, probably the one aspect of writing that most new authors struggle with.

Joe Story has led sessions on writing for the Association of Christian Writers, The Lakes Writers’ School and Lee Abbey and has done manuscript assessments for a major Christian publisher. He has written well over a hundred articles for national and local magazines, and around twenty short books similar to this one. He also teaches from the bible and on various aspects of Christianity.

Published by the Unboring Book Company Northampton, England. Copyright Joe Story 2019


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