What is it? Should we expect it? What can we learn from the past?

The winter is past the rain is over and gone, the flowers are coming into bloom. It is the time for singing and the cooing of turtledoves. The fig trees are budding and the grapevines are in blossom.

Are we at the end, or should we be preparing for a new beginning?


This brief introduction to Revival aims to raise questions in our hearts and minds. Most of us will at least have heard of revival, some of us will have read accounts of it, and a privileged few will have experienced it first-hand. For all of us, the challenge is to understand whether it might fit into the future purposes of God.

This booklet will not fully answer that challenge for you, but perhaps it might just stimulate you sufficiently to read, pray and study toward that end.

Published by the Unboring Book Company Northampton, England. Copyright Joe Story 2019


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