Taking the Lid off Re-Baptism


Thinking through a subject we rarely talk about


There is almost universal agreement between Christian groups, that Christian baptism is a one off. It is unrepeatable. Unfortunately, there is almost universal disagreement between those same Christian groups as to the exact definition of Christian baptism.

Consequently, the issue of re-baptism raises its head from time to time: probably much more often than we would like to admit.

Written in a refreshingly different way, this is a short but serious attempt to look at the issues surrounding re-baptism. It seeks to define Christian baptism, and to ascertain whether all baptisms carried out by churches can claim that description. It combines a number of stories of people who have undergone re-baptism, together with brief articles that approach the subject in various different ways.

Taking the Lid off Re-baptism recognises that this subject is one of the more controversial in Christian life and practice. It is one of several booklets on baptism seeking to avoid stirring the waters of old arguments, but rather aiming to provoke discussion, reform and genuinely fresh understanding.

Published by the Unboring Book Company Northampton, England. Copyright Joe Story 2019


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