Why Evangelical Anglicans Should Not Baptise Babies



“There is a whole new generation of evangelical clergy in the Church of England, who appear to be practicing baby baptism from a Covenantal Reformed theological standpoint, which they seem neither to hold to with conviction, nor fully understand. Moreover, this position is not reflected in either Church of England liturgical services or official website statements and, prior to 1850, was generally considered by their predecessors to be heresy.”

Working ecumenically for around three decades, Joe Story has learnt much about baptismal practices and policies throughout the churches, and most seem to have some ill-considered areas that have developed over the years. One bewildering practice is that of Evangelical Anglicans baptising babies on the basis that baptism has replaced circumcision. On the one hand, many of them clearly preach and teach an evangelical gospel, but then they appear to baptise the babies of all and sundry in the Parish, using terminology that appears contradictory to their evangelical other self. What is particularly strange is that they often justify it theologically with a doctrine that seems only to have found its way into Anglicanism during the past eighty years, and which plainly disagrees with official Church of England teaching stated on their website.

This booklet is a hard hitting, tightly argued challenge to them to change what they do, and to seek the reform that many feel is long overdue.

Published by the Unboring Book Company Northampton, England. Copyright Joe Story 2019


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